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Obama Names First Female Director Of Secret Service

Julia Pierson is a three-decade veteran of the service.

Obama Names First Female Director Of Secret Service

President Obama appointed the first-ever female director of the Secret Service on Tuesday by elevating three-decade veteran agent Julia Pierson to the post. The 53-year-old, administration officials told the Washington Post, was appointed in part to bring change to the culture after the scandal in Colombia last year.

In a 2007 interview with Smithsonian Magazine, Pierson said she joined the service right out of college in 1983. "In high school, I worked at Disney World," she told the magazine. "I started off in the parking lot, advanced to watercraft, and I wore one of those character outfits for a while in Americans on Parade. To this day, I think the experience of dealing with large crowds at the park had a good influence on my ability to do that sort of work with the Secret Service."

[Image: Flickr user Dane Brian]