HubSpot Makes Twitter Analytics Easier With RetweetLab Tool

Measuring retweets may help you work out how best to promote yourself on Twitter.

HubSpot Makes Twitter Analytics Easier With RetweetLab Tool

HubSpot, a marketing software company founded at MIT in 2006, has revealed a brand-new analytics tool that could help companies more effectively use Twitter for branding or promotional purposes. The Retweet Lab tool grabs about a thousand of your old tweets and runs them through some algorithms that help you learn why your most retweeted tweets were retweeted.


A retweet could be considered the de facto currency of Twitter. Retweets indicate that your content is being shared through the social network.

Retweet Lab’s data is simple to use and surprisingly powerful. For example, in my case it revealed that I get the most retweets at around 7 p.m., even tough I usually tweet the most at 9 a.m. Thanks to the Retweet Lab data, I can now start tweeting more around 7 p.m. and in theory improve my Twitter influence.

Similarly, the tool notes that tweets without “calls for action,” such as “please tweet this,” are infinitely more effective at generating retweets than ones that include such pleas. While this sort of information is useful for my own personal “brand,” it’s much more likely to be useful for bigger publishers or well-known brands.

Developer Dan Zarella explained in an email to Fast Company that while he’s spent a lot of time “doing research into large datasets to formulate best practices,” he’s found “the best data comes from your audience and your content.” Hence the creation of this tool which “allows you to do the kind of analysis I’ve been doing on your account (or anyone else’s) in seconds.” The inclusion of “anyone else’s” in there is important: Because Twitter’s feeds are open-access, if you wanted to see how your competitors are engaging with a Twitter audience to drive retweets, you simply have to type in their username.

How do you measure your effectiveness on Twitter? Does your company have a strategy for increasing your social media influence?

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