At The Brooklyn Nets Barclays Center, Slam Cam Puts Every Dunk In Your Face

When Barclays Center was first proposed in 2004, nobody could have predicted that the arena would become the showcase for cutting edge tech that it is today.

The sports complex–the new-ish home of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets–is the first arena in the world to provide free and seamless integration of mobile technology for its visitors. The facility enlisted the services of WillowTree and Cisco to create a variety of revolutionary services that rewrite the playbook on live entertainment.

By connecting to Barclays robust Wi-Fi network, sports fans can use the app to watch multiple camera angles on their smartphones and tablets, meaning that everyone can have a view from the sidelines and the slam cam behind the backboard. The official Brooklyn Nets app allows visitors to keep up with box scores and player stats in real time. And for patrons who hate those long lines at halftime, concessions can be ordered with the swipe of a finger from any seat in the house.

“I always go back to thinking about my grandfather. When he was at basketball games, he’d be up in the nosebleed section with his headphones on,” says Barclays Center app designer Blake Sirach. “This is the next step in really augmenting that fan experience.”CW