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Why Is No One Following The Florida Gulf Coast Team On Twitter?

Apparently the March Madness bandwagon team hasn't captured social media yet.

Sure they've captivated college basketball audiences (and even Charles Barkley) with their Los Angeles Clippers-like play, but it appears Florida Gulf Coast University hasn't captured any followers ... on Twitter*.

As of writing, the FGCU men's hoops account only has 211 followers. To be fair, it's not exactly the most active ... and it is only following 586 people. The tweets it does send, however, are rather amusing (example: "Our website server actually lobs the information to your computer.")

The team's Instagram account, however, has more than 700 followers.

What do you think Twitter experts? Is this lack of followers surprising? Or do even the most newsworthy accounts lose traction if they're not being used?

[Image: FGCU Instagram]

*UPDATE: It seems that (as pointed out in the comments) there are two Twitter accounts for FGCU—which would explain the low following.

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