Rumor: Music Streamer Spotify To Try Streaming Video Too

Can the little Swedish firm upset the U.S. video giants?

Rumor: Music Streamer Spotify To Try Streaming Video Too

According to sources who’ve spoken to, Spotify is poised to expand its services from streaming music over the Internet to streaming video content, too.

For ages, Spotify was mainly limited to Swedish, then European consumers thanks to complex music rights issues–these issues also plagued Apple, which, while king of the digital music game, lacks an on-demand streaming “radio” system like Spotify’s. But Spotify’s entry to the U.S. market has since been spectacularly successful, including a close partnership with Facebook that has influenced Facebook’s recent news feed redesign. The company’s video ambitions are only rumors for now but may be significant: It already has partnerships with the music-publishing divisions of some movie firms. It also has the advantage of not being owned by Apple, Amazon, or Google–the three companies that are shaking up digital content the most. (Two of these are also said to be toying with streaming music.) And in early 2012 Spotify’s growth rate was far faster than online video firm Netflix.

Could Spotify be the left-flank entry to the online video game that really changes things?

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