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Quantitative Data Proves What We've All Known Since The Age Of Mesh Trucker Hats: Hipsters Heart PBR

A new study from content management firm Locu indicates that hipsters really do love their Pabst Blue Ribbon. Willamsburg responds: Dude, obvi.

A data analysis firm claims to have found quantitative proof of hipster and student love for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Locu, a company that markets a proprietary content management systems for restaurant menus, released a new report that finds a higher prevalence of Pabst Blue Ribbon on restaurant and bar menus in traditionally hipster-filled neighborhoods such as Brooklyn's Williamsburg and San Francisco's Mission District.

"Bud Light is the more prevalent drink, appearing throughout areas where people live and tourists flock," wrote Locu's Adam Marcus in a blog post. "PBR has a sparser distribution, with less venues overall serving the drink. Still, it shines bright in one place in particular: Williamsburg. While one point does not make a trend, it certainly seems that bars in this hipster home know their audience."

However, Locu's data analysis did not point to a 100% correlation for Pabst Blue Ribbon-stocking bars to hipster-attracting neighborhoods. In Boston, hipster-y neighborhoods such as Allston and Inman Square had relatively few bars selling Pabst. In Boston and Cambridge, bars near college campuses—presumably attracting cash-starved students—were more likely to sell Pabst.

[Image: Flickr user AGlassDarkly]

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