Pulling An Anti-Yahoo, Congress Considers Telecommuting

A new proposal would allow members of Congress to debate, hold meetings, and vote from their home district offices. But if Marissa Mayer thinks Yahoo is too dysfunctional for it, what would telecommuting do to the most dysfunctional workplace on Earth?

Pulling An Anti-Yahoo, Congress Considers Telecommuting

Although Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer is cracking down on remote employees, a new proposal could bring telecommuting to Capitol Hill. Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM) introduced a Congressional proposal last week for lawmakers to hold hearings, vote, and debate from remote terminals at their district offices. The Congressional telecommuting project is being touted as a cost-cutting measure which would allow representatives and senators to spend more time with constituents.

“Thanks to modern technology, members of Congress can debate, vote, and carry out their constitutional duties without having to leave the accountability and personal contact of their congressional districts,” Pearce told The Hill‘s Jennifer Martinez in a statement. “Keeping legislators closer to the people we represent would pull back Washington’s curtain and allow constituents to see and feel, first-hand, their government at work.” Martinez also noted that Pearce unsuccessfully floated the proposal during the last session of Congress.

No word, yet, on how Pearce plans to pull off a proposal that would likely have every lobbyist in the Beltway lobbying against it.

[Image: Rep. Steve Pearce]

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