See The Steve Jobs Biography As A Japanese Comic Book

Walter Isaacson’s official Steve Jobs biography is a heck of a read, but if the idea of trawling through lots of dead-tree text galls your inner geek, then you’ll love the fact it’s now available as a manga-style comic. The series is being published in Japan’s Kiss magazine and seems to follow the Isaacson book closely, right down to the long walk and chat between Jobs and his soon-to-be-biographer.

The Jobs manga is penned by award-winning artist Mari Yamakazi, who is quoted by the website PocketLint as saying she has “sympathy for Jobs.” The magazine itself is targeted more toward serious adult manga fans and more women readers than men, which explains the straightforward style of the comic versus what you may picture when you imagine a “manga” cartoon.

Jobs, thanks to his tech-hero status as cofounder of Apple, has been immortalized as art before: including as a cartoon drawn on an iPad. Jobs was also modeled recently as an amazingly accurate action figure, complete with the sofa he used when introducing the iPad to the world.

The comic looks great so far, and a manga-style Jobs is a curiously fitting idea. We can’t help wonder, though, what Yamakazi has in mind for her drawings of the other Apple Steve–the inimitable Woz.

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