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Buzzfeed Launches In The U.K.

I say, old chap, did you see 50 Shades of Prince Charles on Buzzfeed this morning?

Buzzfeed Launches In The U.K.

Buzzfeed, the meme network that hosts a vertical in just about every subject imaginable—and is Fast Company's third-most innovative social media firm in our Most Innovative Company 2013 list, has launched a U.K. website.

With 5% of Buzzfeed's global audience hailing from Britain, Buzzfeed boss Jonah Peretti told a London media conference Friday that going British seemed to be a next logical step.

Think, he said to the audience, of Buzzfeed as if it were a cafe on Paris's Left Bank. As well as discovering more about philosophy, you can stroke a dog there. "Just because you pet the dog doesn't make you any less smart. Let's embrace the things that make us human, even if it is diverse and contradictory."

Earlier this month, Buzzfeed launched a business site, and last week it created an ad network to bring sponsored content to other online publishers. In 2012, it changed its name to BuzzFaux in order to sell Campbell's Go soup pouches.

There's a stand-alone UK-centric Twitter feed to publicize the new site, which is headed up by former editor Luke Lewis.

It's worth visiting the Twitter page just to see H.M. The Queen riding a corgi as though it were Seabiscuit.