10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Kate Spade, Futuristic Skyscrapers, And More

1. Box’s 65-Year-Old Android Engineer Gives Your Startup Some Unsentimental Advice
In an industry full of baby-faced boys, few have as much perspective as developer David Maynard.

2. Kate Spade Reinvents Retail As A Lean Startup
Kate Spade is going lean and digital in an attempt to disrupt the retail experience.

3. Starbucks’s Shoddy Square Rollout Baffles Baristas, Confuses Customers
Fast Company
Austin Carr puts the Square and Starbucks mobile payment partnership to the test.

4. Forget The Mission Statement. What’s Your Mission Question?
Questions are a great tool to make sure your business is on track. These 5 help rediscover perspective and purpose.

5. Time To Get Something On The Side: 30 Inspiring Passion Projects And Why You Should Have One
Creative stimulation in your free time can help you succeed in your professional life. Read on to find out how these creatives indulge on nights and weekends.

6. How Food Porn Is Made
Catch a glimpse into how the top visual effects are made for today’s biggest brands.

7. NYC Subways Deploy A Touch-Screen Network, Complete With Apps
Touchscreen maps with intuitive directions, Wi-Fi, and cameras are coming to an NYC subway station near you. What’s next–a pleasant NYC commute?

8. The Gigantic Mosquitos Sent To Destroy Humanity
Damp conditions have resulted in this monstrosity of a mosquito. Be afraid.

9. An In-Depth Comparison Between iOS Map Frameworks: Apple MapKit vs. Google Maps SDK
Maps on maps on maps? An influx of maps has left us spoiled for choice. Read on to find out which service is best.

10. 9 Crazy Skyscrapers That Will Shape The Skylines Of The Future
Check out some highly imaginative and supremely impractical skyscrapers.

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