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Pepsi Unveiling New Bottle Design

It will be the company's first update since 1997.

Pepsi Unveiling New Bottle Design

Pepsi is unveiling a new bottle design next month, its first new package design since 1997, the company announced this week.

According to a report in AdAge, the bottle will have a swirled grip on the 16 and 20 oz. bottles and an updated label. The company will also debut a 12 oz. glass bottle (similar to Coke's) with a twisted shape and a new logo. The single serve bottles will begin rolling out in April, a Pepsi spokesperson said.

A company spokesman told Fast Company that for inspiration Pepsi "did look back into our archives of past Pepsi bottles and cans."

The packing update, the spokesperson said, is all part of Pepsi's Live For Now marketing campaign, which launched last April.

"Pepsi conducted extensive global research, connecting with thousands of fans, and 'Live for Now' reflects the insight that Pepsi fans all around the world desire to capture the excitement of now – a mind-set that is aligned at the very core with the brand's DNA," the spokesperson said. "Packaging innovation is the next step in this marketing campaign. And, specifically single serve (16 & 20-oz) is the most visible and tangible connection we have to our consumers – it’s the best visual expression of ‘Live For Now.’"

[Image: Flickr user afiler]