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Google Also Rumored To Be Working On A Watch

(Wrist)watch this's going to get crowded, what with Apple and Samsung entering it, too.

Google Also Rumored To Be Working On A Watch

Smartwatches may seem a bit boutique, with small companies like Pebble dominating the scene. It's easy to forget that a big name like Sony is also playing the game. But with rumors that Apple and Samsung are poised to release their own wrist-borne computers, the smartwatch scene may be ready to explode—even more so now that sources have told the Financial Times that Google's Android team is busy working on its own smartwatch effort.

Google's project is said to be separate from Samsung's effort, which is presumably Android-based. Google's smartwatch project is also distinct from the Google's Glass wearable device being developed by Google's X Labs division. Google's watch may be extension or companion device to an Android smartphone.

There's no info on release dates, but Google has extensive experience developing Android devices like its Nexus phones and tablets in concert with manufacturers like Asus, so making a watch wouldn't necessarily take a long time.

Would a Google watch excite you, or would you prefer a Samsung or Apple one, with the "polish" each of these names bring? Or is the very idea of a smartwatch silly to you?

[Image: Flickr user Windell Oskay]