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BBC Commissions Six Original Dramas For Its iPlayer Streaming Service

Once it was all about the online catch-up. Now the Beeb's terrestrial channels will be catching up with online.

Promising writers of TV scripts just got a new conduit for their work. The BBC has announced that it is commissioning six new dramas to be shown on its iPlayer streaming service. The new content will be produced in conjunction with BBC Three, the Beeb's youth channel, and will be shown over the next two years.

Last month, the corporation, one of YouTube's preferred program makers, announced that it would be using the iPlayer to trial existing TV shows. The BBC's head of TV online content, Victoria Jaye, called today's announcement "ambitious," and shows just how important the Internet is for broadcasters.

Demand for watching online shows was up by 42% throughout 2012, according to BBC figures. And at the end of the year, iPlayer received a record 272 million requests around the Holiday period—a monthly increase of 26%, that should be attributed to the high number of tablet devices given as Christmas presents last year.

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