Montana May Allow Roadkill To Be Turned Into Dinner

A new law in the state senate would allow permits to be issued for people to clean carcasses off of roadways.

Montana May Allow Roadkill To Be Turned Into Dinner

In a time when many people are still keeping their belts tight, it goes without a doubt that it’s important to stretch food to its most cost effective point. So when lawmakers in Montana noticed tons of meat going unused, they took it up in the state legislature to try to make it available to the public. The only problem with the untapped resource? It’s roadkill.

According to an Associated Press report, the state senate there is poised to pass a bill that would allow law enforcement officials there to give permits to people to collect dead animals off the road so that it can be turned into meat.

Of course, opponents of the bill argue the meat won’t meet strict FDA standards. A final vote on the bill could happen as early as today.

What do you think? Would you eat meat that was found dead on the road? Tell us in the comments.


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