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The Code War

BBC's Weather Tweet Feed Hacked With Pro-Syria Messages

The international broadcaster is forecasting some strangely political weather data on Twitter.

The BBC is a rather august entity that broadcasts news and programming around the world, and has been around since TV itself began... but one of its very 21st century channels, a Twitter feed, seems to have been hacked by pro-Assad hackers. A message appeared at about 1 p.m. London time noting:

Since then the Twitter feed, which normally shares simple forecasts for weather, has been sharing weird psuedo-comic messages like "Scandal: Edinburgh storm warning station decommissioned after maintenance fund diverted to arming Syrian opposition."

Twitter hacks have affected brands like MTV, Burger King, Jeep, and others.

Twitter itself hasn't yet implemented a stricter log-in or identity policy to prevent such hacks.

[Image: Flickr user JanetR3]
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