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Facebook Testing Replies For Its Pages And Popular Profiles

The current system makes it hard to respond to multiple conversations, so Facebook's answer? Threads.

Facebook Testing Replies For Its Pages And Popular Profiles

Facebook is working on a way of improving its users' conversations by ordering replies on its pages. The firm started testing the Reply feature, which allows conversation threads, toward the end of last year and, as TechCrunch reports, some pages are already featuring them—such as TechCrunch's parent company, Huffington Post.

The replies will eventually come in a non-chronological order, with the most active conversations taking precedence at the top—there's an algorithm for that, apparently, so it won't just be the longest threads at the top, with the Billy No-Mates comments at the bottom—but don't expect every single Facebook user to be privy to this improved conversation.

Only Pages and the social network's most popular profiles—that is to say, ones with followers in the tens of thousands—will get the threaded version. It won't work on third-party management apps, and it won't work on mobile at first, although expect that to change at some point.

Users who are eligible will be able to opt in to the change starting March 25, and all relevant pages and profiles will be switched automatically by July 10.

[Image by Flickr user Buechertiger]