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Samsung's New TVs Data-Mine Viewing Habits

The company's 2013 TV line includes a feature that tracks viewers' cable-satellite program watching in order to recommend similar shows.

Samsung's New TVs Data-Mine Viewing Habits

Samsung's newest televisions track what viewers watch—in order to offer them personalized viewing recommendations. The Korean electronics maker's 2013 television lineup includes a feature called S-Recommendation, which applies algorithms to television viewer habits in order to recommend new programming. S-Recommendation mines data from both ordinary cable and satellite viewing and premium view-on-demand services watched over the past six months in order to offer content tips.

Other new features included in Samsung's televisions veer straight into science fiction territory: Viewers can flip through channels using voice commands and hand gestures. Samsung was named one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2013 and is also believed to be developing a smartwatch.

[Image: Samsung]