Amazon Tweaks Whispercast For Business-Friendly App Installs

Is this a gentle play to get Kindles into more businesses and schools?

Amazon Tweaks Whispercast For Business-Friendly App Installs

Amazon‘s Whispercast system, which syncs information between users’ various Amazon accounts, apps, and content, is already impressive and useful, but the company has now added the ability to distribute apps in bulk via Whispercast–and that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

Technically, the new adjustment to Whispercast means that as well as sharing documents and files in bulk via the service, large organizations like schools, universities and companies can distribute apps across a number of Kindle Fire devices in one swoop. The change also lets companies invite employees who have brought their own Fires to work to access the apps and content. Previously, a more manual installation approach was needed, and while this worked it isn’t aligned with the security or reliability needs of enterprises.

Amazon rival has made significant inroads into enterprise with its iPads and iPhones, and has made several moves to allow bulk distribution of apps inside businesses–under the control of IT departments.

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