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The Code War

Widespread South Korean Cyberattack Blamed On North

The North-South divide is crossed by digital attacks.

Widespread South Korean Cyberattack Blamed On North

Several reports are saying that South Korean digital services are today suffering outages because of sustained attacks. Broadcasters including the Korean Broadcasting System, which is the nation's biggest, and banks like Shinhan have said their networks have been taken down, and LG's Uplus cell phone service is also reportedly having difficulties because of a hack attack.

The police, intelligence agencies, and government are said to be investigating the attacks, but blame is already being directed at Korea's belligerent neighbor North Korea. North Korea last week accused the South and its ally the U.S. of directing cyber attacks at its assets. The North has made increasingly pointed threats against the South and the United States over recent weeks, because the latest in a regular series of U.S.-led "war games" has just got under way in the South Korean military. North Korea recently carried out a nuclear explosion test in violation of many treaties and U.N. sanctions, and also launched a rocket, which is purportedly part of a peaceful space race but which could also be used as a weapon. The U.S. has promised to bolster its West Coast antimissile systems.

[Image: Flickr user geraldford]