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Where Are They Now?

Yahoo Set To Take Controlling Stake In French Video Site Daily Motion

Is this the substantial deal that Marissa Mayer was talking about in one of her recent Friday meetings?

Yahoo Set To Take Controlling Stake In French Video Site Daily Motion

A fat slice of French video-sharing site Daily Motion is apparently on the menu at Marissa Mayer's Yahoo. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the Internet giant is looking to acquire a 75% stake in the France Telecom-Orange-owned Internet entity, the 12th largest online video site on the Web and thought to be worth around $300 million.

The deal, however, is not yet writ in stone. Daily Motion's managing director, Roland Hamilton, emailed a statement to WSJ, which said very little. "We are unable to confirm, deny or comment on speculation regarding potential talks between Yahoo and Orange at this time." Yahoo declined to comment on the story.

Earlier this month, the firm was said to be looking at six small purchases and two large acquisitions, according to information leaked from one of Yahoo's FYI Friday employee meetings—now, presumably, with no option to attend via teleconference. The purchase would sit well with Mayer's desire to strengthen the social media and mobile clout of the ailing giant, giving Yahoo some much-needed muscle in the online video arena.