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Evernote Food Update Brings Open Table Reservations, Recipe Sharing

Because sharing is caring, the new Evernote Food app update is bringing some social media tricks.

Evernote Food Update Brings Open Table Reservations, Recipe Sharing

Evernote is improving its Food app with more sharing options. The idea is to tap into the same vibe that gets Instagram users by the million sharing pictures of their coffee, their cakes and so on. It's also about improving the utility of Evernote to keep users coming back to the app, and to this end there's now the ability to book a table through the OpenTables service and check out the reputation of a particular eatery via its Foursquare ratings.

Evernote explains in a blog post that "our most vibrant memories often revolve around food. They’re the family dinners, the night market adventures, and the romantic getaways that shape who we are," and it's because of this shared nature of eating that the company is trying the new social sharing and recommendations moves. It's now also possible to share your favorite recipes through the app, which syncs recipes you may have saved in the main Evernote app to the Food one, and you can share them via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Evernote has been expanding its business for some time, and last year partnered with Moleskine. Thanks to a leak from Google, it's recently looked like Google is moving into Evernote's core domain with a note-taking system called Keep.

[Image: Flickr user projectart69]