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The Code War

Are The Krebs, Ars Technica, Mat Honan Hacks Linked?

Evidence uncovered by cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs links a recent SWAT team attack on his home with hacker attacks on Ars Technica and Wired journalist Mat Honan.

Are The Krebs, Ars Technica, Mat Honan Hacks Linked?

The same hacker believed to be involved in a recent SWAT team attack on journalist Brian Krebs's home and a DDoS attack on Ars Technica may also have been responsible for hacking Wired journalist Mat Honan. Krebs wrote on his blog that he uncovered leads tracing back to a hacker using the alias "Phobia," who worked with the Team Hype crew. Phobia, in reality a 20-year-old Connecticut resident named Ryan Stevenson, also played a role in the infamous hack of Honan's online life.

The 2012 destruction of Honan's digital presence, engineered by malicious pranksters, wiped out saved data and his presence on Apple, Amazon, Google, and Twitter. After the hack, Apple and Amazon began evaluating their security policies to handle the social engineering loopholes used to gain access to Honan's accounts.

[Image: Flickr user Walt Stoneburner]