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Can Babble Unite All Of Google's Chat Channels?

Behind the search for one brand voice to rule Google Talk, Hangout, Messenger.

Can Babble Unite All Of Google's Chat Channels?

Fresh reports at suggest that Google is going to move all of its many chat communications systems into a single entity which will be called Babble. It's expected that systems like Google Talk, Hangout, Messenger and so on will all be included. The effort is more than about mere branding, and it's instead an attempt to bring Google's disparate systems into one communications system. It'll also rival Apple's iMessage and Facebook's own messaging services.

Thanks to the shotgun way Google develops projects, it has reinvented chat several times over (remember Buzz?) and each one works a little differently, per the whim of the system's developers. But recently Google has been adjusting its methods, and has begun to snip off some of its older projects—most recently to the annoyance of Google Reader users. This push is partly about freeing up developer time, because legacy systems still need support.

But we can also speculate that it's because Google needs to deliver a more coherent product to its end users, one where using a product like Glass is seamless, and doesn't involve messing with different Google app settings. In this model, the rebranding of chat under the Babble umbrella is similar to the leak of Google's "Keep," which would seem to be a coherent note-taking system in the mold of Evernote.

What say you: Would a solid, reliable Google chat system tempt you away from SMSs or rivals like Facebook's Messenger?

[Image: Flickr user LordFerguson]