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Where Are They Now?

Elon Musk Goes In For A Little Image Softening Courtesy Of Rainn Wilson's Metaphysical Milkshake

"You may be a billionaire, entrepreneur, inventor, man extraordinaire, but you're not getting any of my chicken burger."

The Office's Rainn Wilson has had that Elon Musk in the back of his van. The PayPal founder, Tesla Motors head honcho, and Space X entrepreneur has appeared on the comedian's Metaphysical Milkshake to talk about multi-planet species and how life on Mars would cement mankind's survival, in case of "something catastrophic happening to earth."

Musk talked of warming Mars up using greenhouse gases, the first baby "the first Martian" to be born on the planet, and his name, which "led to a lot of mocking in Junior High." It's eight slightly odd minutes of big topics interspersed with a few jokes, as well as this nugget of information: Elon Musk goes to Burning Man—once dressed as Darth Vader.

And no prizes for guessing what Musk probably barters with: At the end of the clip you can see him swapping a bite of Wilson's chicken burger for a Tesla model. You can see the full clip below.

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