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Washington Post To Adopt A Paywall

The newspaper will start charging a fee for frequent online readers beginning this summer.

Washington Post To Adopt A Paywall

Following in the steps of many of its journalistic peers, The Washington Post announced on Monday that it is putting its content behind a paywall this summer. The paywall will affect frequent readers who view more than 20 articles a month, the company said in the announcement. The fee has not been determined yet, but much like other paywalls, home subscribers and other groups (in this case students and military members) will not have to pay the fee.

"We’ve watched our peers in the industry, and we think the metered model is the best way to keep our reach while asking our readers to help pay for the quality journalism we are known for," the Washington Post's publisher, Katharine Weymouth, told her newspaper.

Do you think a paywall will work as well for the Post as it has for the New York Times? Tell us in the comments.