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Japanese Company Unveils Remote Controlled Toilet

The $16 Strapya remote controlled-toilet is a novelty combined toilet and-remote controlled car.

Japanese Company Unveils Remote Controlled Toilet

Japanese tech firm Strapya has come up with the latest in home technology: A remote controlled toilet. The new $16 "Remote Control Japanese Style Toilet" is a toilet-shaped, standard sized remote control car designed for driving small items such as soda cans around a house. Manufacturer Strapya recommends that users don't use the miniature remote controlled toilet to actually take care of any bodily functions, and to use it as a novelty item instead. As Strapya's English-language ad copy puts it, "It's probably best not to do your business in this […] It's actually designed for fun, and probably would not be a very ideal place for you to do your business. Just a thought." The remote control toilet lacks a drain.

These things being what they are, tech blog Technabob also points out that there are very cute YouTube videos of the remote control toilet driving around. Fast Company and Co.Design have also featured more conventional design coming out of Japan recently—check out these recent pieces on up-and-coming design firms, and boutique barcode maker D-Barcode.