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Tiger Woods Takes To Facebook To Make A Big Announcement

Golf? No. He just wanted to confirm the rumors that he's dating Lindsey Vonn.

Tiger Woods Takes To Facebook To Make A Big Announcement

In what may be the most-read Facebook post ever, (the hopefully formerly) philandering golfer Tiger Woods announced today that he is dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. The post, which confirms rumors that have been swirling for weeks about the couple, follows a new tradition of celebrities and athletes using social media to announce major happenings in their lives. But for Woods, it seems like an especially savvy move: Announcing it in an interview with the media would have forced him to most likely answer (or decline to answer) questions about his past. Leaving the rumors to swirl, however, could get too distracting and take away from the attention on the decent golf he's been playing lately.

The happy couple's post is below:

Fast Company's Chuck Salter wrote about Woods and his relationship with social media back in 2009. You can read that article here.