Spotted: A Google-Grown Note-Taking App To Rival Evernote, Pocket

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information. A note-taking app could help it organize your information, too.

Spotted: A Google-Grown Note-Taking App To Rival Evernote, Pocket

Google appears to gearing up to release a homegrown note-taking app along the lines of Evernote or Pocket.

Earlier today, Android Police reported Google+ user 1E100 had delved into Google Drive’s source code and discovered Keep, an as-yet unreleased note-taking app that appears to integrate with Drive. All traces of the live Keep page promptly disappeared, but based on Android Police’s screenshots, the app will allow users to create and archive notes and lists, as well as save web snippets.

Google Keep is also reminiscent of a product Google launched in 2006 called Google Notebook, a virtual scratch pad that allowed you to save images, text, and links from around the web. (Google finally shuttered Notebook for good in July 2012.)

Given the current fascination with note-taking, content-saving, and productivity apps, it’s not surprising that Google would want to organize “your corner of the world’s information.”

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[Images: Google; Android Police]

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