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Google Reader's Loss Is Feedly's Gain--To The Tune Of 500K New Users

It appears Google Reader's loss has been Feedly's gain.

Feedly published the news in a blog post at the beginning of the weekend, writing that half a million users had made the leap from Mountain View's tool to the small-fry news aggregator with the big ambitions. Feedly has become so popular, that it has jumped to the top of the App Store's free apps for iPhone. (And its servers have sagged under the added heft.)

On Wednesday evening, Google announced that it was discarding its RSS news aggregator. Fast Company's subsequent round-up of good Google Reader alternatives placed Feedly at the top of the tree (not that we're claiming any glory, mind you).

A petition urging the firm to reconsider, which garnered around 25,000 signatories on Thursday morning, stood at 126,641 at the time of this writing.

So, Google Reader users, have you ditched it in favor of a younger, more attractive model? If so, which one would that be? Are you happy with your choice? How do you think the other aggregators will fare? Responses below as always, please.