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2012 Winner: Melodie Veverka, DBC Showroom


DBC Showroom | Delray Beach, FL

Melodie Veverka, Director of Sales, & Jan Van Der Baan, Director of Operations

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Fast Company invited creative and enterprising business owners with promising growth potential to submit a video for the chance to win a new Sprinter and $10,000 toward vehicle customization.

The customization begins...

The Drive Your Business Forward contest winner, DBC Showroom, begins the customization process of the company’s new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – transforming the van into an efficient and luxurious mobile showroom.


Melodie Veverka and Jan Van Der Baan of DBC Showroom receive their finished, fully-customized Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in their hometown of Delray Beach, FL.

DBC Showroom brings the work of contemporary fashion designers directly to boutique buyers.

Every season, Melodie drives roughly 20,000 miles in a mobile showroom presenting the latest fashion lines to boutique owners and buyers. The company's innovative approach to fashion buying and selling gives it an edge over more traditional competitors. Melodie says, "Road repping allows DBC Showroom to really understand our clients and better serve them. I have a clear picture of what my clients' stores look like, what brands they sell, and who their customers are."

How is their new Sprinter going to drive their business forward?

With their new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Melodie and Jan plan to add another sales rep, split their territory, and see twice as many customers within their short 10-week sales window. Jan says, "The new Sprinter will transform our one vehicle into a fleet, allowing us to service even more contemporary boutiques with quality designer fashion in true Mercedez-Benz style."

fast company mercedes sprinter winning video

Melodie Veverka and Jan Van Der Baan of DBC Showroom with their new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.