Mark Zuckerberg Is The Best CEO, Says Glassdoor

The rankings are determined by employee feedback.

Mark Zuckerberg Is The Best CEO, Says Glassdoor

Glassdoor has published its annual list of top CEOs, and taking the top spot for 2013 is Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook founder ousted Apple‘s head guy Tim Cook, gathering a 99% approval rating from his employees, and was praised for instilling an “open community from Zuck on down” in the firm, according to one happy chappy. The rankings are determined by employee feedback.


The news is the perfect bookend to Glassdoor’s Best Place To Work survey from January–Facebook took the blue ribbon with a 4.7 (out of 5) approval rating.

Cook, last year’s winner, slid down the ratings to 18th place, behind both Larry Page and Jeff Bezos (although one wonders if they asked the employees for their opinions at Amazon’s U.K. super-depot in Rugeley).

Other tech CEOs who appeared in the list included the top dogs from SAP, EMC, Qualcomm, Citrix, Salesforce, Nvidia, Ericsson, Intel, NetApp, Intuit, Broadcom, Oracle, and Dell.

Slightly depressingly, just one woman made the top 50: Victoria’s Secret’s Sharon Turney, who came in at number 42–the secret to the understanding of life, the universe and everything. Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer only took up the reins in July 2012, so maybe we’ll have to wait until 2014, or later, once the home workers have left the Yahoo building, say.

What do you think of the list? What sort of work culture do you think is necessary for a CEO to get glowing reports from his underlings? And why do you think there there is such a poor showing of women in the list? Is it that there aren’t enough women at the top, or is it because you think that women don’t have the right attributes to be a good boss? Comments, not rotten tomatoes in the box below, please!

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