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Microsoft Has Sold 1.5 Million Surface Tablets

Is that enough to make a mark in the tablet game?

Microsoft Has Sold 1.5 Million Surface Tablets

Bloomberg has put a figure on Microsoft's Surface sales: The tally has reached 1.5 million, now, with 400,000 of the total being the newer more expensive Pro edition—launched three months after the simpler RT version. That's seemingly not bad for the Pro, which went on sale just over a month ago.

Given this sales rate and some assumptions about the average selling price, TheNextWeb speculates that this means Surface will be a billion-dollar revenue earner for Microsoft this year. But is that income alone enough to say Surface is a success? It's said even Microsoft thinks this will miss its own predictions.

Tablet market figures and predictions from the IDC ignited controversy a few days ago when they suggested Android tablets would overtake Apple this year, but there was no mention of Microsoft anywhere in the New York Times piece about it. Other sources reported the IDC's Microsoft predictions, however, and they're awful: Just 2.8% market share by the end of 2013, up from 1.9% at the end of 2012.

Which leaves us with one huge question: What innovations can Microsoft bring to Surface in 2013 to boost the tablet's relevance?

[Image: Flickr user squirrel02]