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Samsung Reveals The Galaxy S4

Can the phone live up to its dramatic presentation?

Samsung Reveals The Galaxy S4

Samsung unveiled the latest Galaxy phone in dramatic fashion at a press event in New York City Thursday evening. The thinner and lighter phone (it weighs 130 grams), which Samsung hopes can continue keeping Apple shaking in its boots, has a number of new features: A dual camera (so users can get picture and video from both the front and back camera), smart scroll and smart pause (which detects when the user isn't looking) to make for better scrolling on the screen, a language translator, group play (which lets users share media via WiFi and sync music), home sync, and enhanced security.

The phone, which has a 5 inch screen, will be available in April in 55 countries on 327 different carriers.

The main camera on the phone is 13 megapixels and the front is two megapixels—and both come with a feature that allows users to add sound to the photo. The Galaxy S4 has 16 gigabytes of storage (with options for 32 and 64). There's also new sensors on the Galaxy S4 to measure temperature and humidity.

More than 395,000 people tuned in to YouTube for the streaming of the Broadway-show themed announcement, which has been highly publicized by Samsung for weeks in near-Apple like fashion. It was supposed to begin at 7 p.m., but for nearly 15 minutes, the audience was kept waiting with feature movie-like music and holograms of packages floating around the red curtains on stage.

There was also a tap-dance number to demonstrate the Galaxy's ability to take action shots quickly and an eraser feature that can delete an unwanted interruption from a picture and capture what is behind it.

The features and the phone will continue to be reviewed and debated, but perhaps the company's biggest slip-up of the night came in a skit that offended numerous women watching the program. The skit used a group of bridesmaids to demonstrate how useful the phone could be for all the things women stereotypically do: planning weddings, weight loss and cooking. On Twitter and in reviews around the web, many of Samsung's customers were less than amused.

What do you think of the latest Galaxy? Tell us in the comments.