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Joe Biden Now Available On Soundcloud

The Vice President is in a new series telling stories behind photos taken of him.

Joe Biden Now Available On Soundcloud

Vice President Joe Biden is giving a glimpse into the stories behind photos taken of him through a new series on Soundcloud "Being Biden." The feature is just the latest way the tech-savvy Obama administration has reached out to the public: Multiple advisors and even Obama himself after been on Reddit AMAs, the administration frequently uses Twitter and are active on Instagram and Facebook.

In the first segment of being Biden (embedded below) the VP talks about a photo he took serving food for a group of wild game hunters, emphasizing his respect for the second amendment. "These guys have the ethic," Biden says. "An ethic that I find most sportsman have — one that demands responsibility in terms of in their case of how you deal with treat and store your weapons. And they have an ethic that says we're going to help people in the community that are in need."

"This is the third month anniversary of those 20 beautiful little babies who were massacred in Connecticut at Sandy Hook and the six teachers and administrators who tried to protect them... and the country cries for responsible action to do everything we can to see to it that these kind of events don't happen again," he added.

[Image: Flickr user]