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The Code War

Reuters Editor Indicted, Accused Of Helping Anonymous

Matthew Keys allegedly helped the hacker group break into the Tribune Company server.

Reuters Editor Indicted, Accused Of Helping Anonymous

Reuters' deputy social media Matthew Keys has been indicted on three counts for conspiring with hackers' group Anonymous, the Department of Justice announced on Thursday in a press release.

Keys, 26, is accused of helping the group hack into the Tribune Co. website shortly after he was employed as a web producer by Sacramento-based television station KTXL FOX 40. According to the indictment, two months after Keys was terminated by KTXL, he gave Anonymous the log-in information to the Tribune Company server and encouraged members of the group to disrupt the website.

Court papers posted by the Huffington Post show that Keys allegedly was caught in a chat conversation with a member of the hacking group discussing breaking into the website. Once in, a member of Anonymous allegedly changed content on a Los Angeles Times story about Steny Hoyer.

Los Angeles Times producer Morgan Little pointed out on Twitter that Anonymous itself had allegedly outed Keys years ago for the stunt.

The social media editor faces 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine, and three years of supervised release for each count if convicted.

Keys is well-known on social media, often making lists of "Who To Follow". He has not commented on the allegations on his Twitter account, which has more than 23,000 followers.

On Twitter, journalists and social media editors were quick to jump this defense, pointing out that he did minimal damage in an event that happened years ago.

[Image: Flickr user jkarsh