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#Shocking: Facebook Reportedly Incorporating Hashtags

Sources told the Wall Street Journal that Facebook is looking to use the symbol to organize conversations.

#Shocking: Facebook Reportedly Incorporating Hashtags

Facebook may be incorporating the hashtag into its social network, though it’s not exactly clear when that will happen, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. According to the report, Facebook would use the Twitter symbol to index conversations so it will be easier to build discussions around topics and hopefully keep users on the social network longer.

The report said that hashtags will not be unveiled anytime in the very near future.

Last month, Fast Company‘s Austin Carr spoke to Twitter’s Brand Vice President Joel Lunenfeld about how Twitter reaps the benefits of the hashtag being used on other social networks, including Google + and Tumblr.

In other Facebook news, design company Hot Studio announced today that it has joined Facebook.

“The Hot Studio team will be joining Facebook’s Menlo Park and New York offices over the next few months to apply its talents to building products that serve the businesses and people who use the site, on the product design, communication design and content strategy teams,” Facebook reps said in a statement.

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