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Digg Is Building Its Own Top-Priority News Reader

After the news of Google Reader's impending death, the Digg team moves its skunkworks news reader project to the top of its list.

Digg Is Building Its Own Top-Priority News Reader

Following Google's announcement that it will be killing Google Reader come July 1, the Digg team announced its own impending news reader, which it's been planning for the second half of 2013, will become the team's top priority.

Some early details: Digg says its reader will adapt the best parts of Google Reader to the Internet of 2013, where social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and alternative communities (Tumblr, Reddit) are often as important as news outlets for sources of information. However, Digg says, that multitude of outlets offers "powerful but often overwhelming signals as to what’s interesting."

Digg is collecting emails here for those who want to make suggestions and test the reader.

[Image: Flickr user NS Newsflash]