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Rovio's New Game Tied To DreamWorks' Animated Movie, "The Croods"

Rovio, famous for making the amazingly successful casual smartphone game Angry Birds, has revealed its upcoming The Croods game—a tie-in to the DreamWorks animated movie of the same title. The game seems similar to FarmVille, which itself owes much to earlier titles like SimCity, in that you control early hominid Grug as he builds a world around him in order to survive the various threats of the prehistoric world.

Irrespective of the game itself, the partnership with DreamWorks is significant: It marks an interesting experiment for the movie studio itself, and adds an extra glimmer to Rovio's image. Rovio has been working hard to capitalize on the runaway success of the Angry Birds franchise by selling physical goods and recently by launching an Angry Birds cartoon series which will be broadcast through Angry Birds apps. That equates to about 1.7 billion "screens," or the total number of downloads.