Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Leaks, As LG Spams Times Square With “4” Billboards

Samsung’s next hot phone is due today, but its launch is messy.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Leaks, As LG Spams Times Square With “4” Billboards

Samsung is poised to reveal its Galaxy S4 today–the next in its series of top Android smartphones that began with a very iPhone like design in 2010’s Galaxy S. Samsung holds sway over the Android market in most of the world, and outsells Apple’s iPhone (except in the U.S., where the iPhone recently grabbed more market share), so its next S phone is critical for the company’s future. And a whole lot of data has leaked out about it already.

Numerous leaks suggest the S4 will have a 1080p 4.99-inch display, powered by a 1.8 GHz CPU with a mind boggling eight cores. It’ll be just 7.7mm thick, has 2GB of RAM and a base of 16GB storage. The beefy screen, graphics unit and processor mean it needs a 2600mAh battery (which marries nicely with the argument that Apple may choose a bigger format for this year’s iPhone to fit in the bigger battery needed to deliver more useful daily use). It will also have “Smart Stay” eye-tracking, a novel interface for controlling how it reacts to the user, and the ability to detect user’s fingers “hovering” over the display, in a manner similar to the way Samsung’s tablet S-pen works. Interestingly the leaked imagery, if it proves correct, suggest the physical design of the S4 is very much like that of the S3, which may mean Samsung faces a hefty chunk of criticism as Apple did with its “4S” iPhone.

As if the leaks haven’t stolen enough of Samsung’s PR thunder, the actions of LG to spam Times Square with huge posters featuring a giant number “4” to promote its own 5-inch Optimus G smartphone may steal plenty more. It’s a tricksy, gutsy move, given that the S4 is due to be revealed in New York, and shows that there’s still fight in the Android market.

Is the GS4 launch as exciting as an Apple iPhone event? Is the S4 a sign Samsung will strengthen or lose its Android lead?

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