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Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio Of Argentina Is The New Pope

On the fifth vote, the 115 cardinals picked a new leader.

Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio Of Argentina Is The New Pope

Earlier today a cloud of white smoke signified the Vatican picked a new leader of the Catholic Church: Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio, who hails from Argentina. The decision comes after days of top-secret meetings and five total votes.

Bergoglio, who will be known as Pope Francis, is the first Jesuit Pope. The 76-year-old has been the Archbishop of Buenos Aires and was elevated to Cardinal in 2001. It didn't come as a complete surprise: He reportedly had the second most votes in the previous election that put the now-Pope Emeritus in charge of the Vatican.

Upon news that a new Pope had been named, the Pope's official Twitter account also seemed to be reactivated.

Earlier his month, Fast Company came up with some suggestions for the Catholic Church on how to make the Pope more accessible to his followers through social media.

So how did the Twittersphere react to the announcement of a new Pope?

[Photo courtesy of Flickr user Doug8888]