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OMG, Generation teXt: Nearly 40% Of U.S. Teens Own A Smartphone

More "digital landscape," less teenage wasteland.

OMG, Generation teXt: Nearly 40% Of U.S. Teens Own A Smartphone

Pew Research has just published a new survey on the cell phone habits of American teenagers. While the trend behind many of the statistics it has unearthed won't necessarily surprise you, the sheer size of the numbers may. According to Pew 76% of U.S. teens aged 12 to 17 own a cell phone. Nearly half of these cell phone-toting teenagers are actually sporting smartphones—which means nearly 40% of all teens have a smartphone. Considering that figure was just 23% in 2011, smartphone use has grown explosively among the youth.

Turning to tablets, 23% of teenagers have one now. And thanks to these devices, 74% of teenagers access the web while mobile at least occasionally—one in four teens, meanwhile, say that they mostly access the web from a smartphone or tablet.

Back in December 2012, separate studies showed that tablet ownership doubled in the U.S. during the year, with at least 19% of folks over 18 owning a tablet. Pew's data suggests that, as ever, it's the younger generation that is really pushing adoption of this tech. Given that Google expects to earn $5 billion in tablet ads this year alone, and that smartphone adoption is exploding across the world, we really are in the post-PC era.

How young is too young to give your kids a tablet? Do rebellious teens now shun smartphone tech?

[Image: Flickr user blakespot]