How Do You Deal With Online Trolls?

U.K. boxer Curtis Woodhouse had the perfect solution: track the culprit down and “have a chat with an old friend.” But that approach might not be for everyone.

How Do You Deal With Online Trolls?

These days it seems everyone has an idea–or 12— on how best to handle online bullies or trolls.

British boxer Curtis Woodhouse, meanwhile, has developed a truly novel way of dealing with Internet trolls. After the soccer pro-turned boxer lost a match earlier this month, he was taunted by one of his Twitter followers. And this is how Woodhouse reacted.

A spot of troll hunting.

It wasn’t hard to find the troll.

And so Woodhouse got in his car and went for a little drive…

And when he got to the road where his troll lived, he posted a picture.

Guess what suddenly appeared out of the Twittersphere? An apology.

To the end, Woodhouse treated the whole thing with humor.

And so, dear readers, how do you react to online abuse, bullying and general troll nastiness? Do you flame back, do you ignore them and merely count your followers, or do you just block the nastiness? Is it a part of online life, or do you think that there should be a way of holding them to account, either through the courts, or, perhaps, with more medieval methods? Land your blows in the comments section, please.

[Image: Flickr user ElMarto]

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