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The Anonymous Guy Behind Mitt Romney's Videotaped "47 Percent" Gaffe Going Public Tonight

It was the "Clinton effect" that made the man, a worker at the Romney fundraiser, get out his camera.

The man behind the devastating video that seriously hurt Mitt Romney's chances at the White House last year is to appear on TV tonight. The footage was obtained during a Romney fundraiser when the mole/citizen journalist heard Romney bemoaning the "47 percent" of voters who would vote for President Obama, all of whom were dependent on the Government for their livelihood.

The man explains how, when he had worked at a fundraiser for Bill Clinton, the former President came out back after the event, and shook hands with everyone who had been working there, thanked them and praised their efforts. This, said the bartender, affected him deeply, and so he decided to take his camera to the Romney event.

Romney's manners, it seems, are different. Romney arrived late, gave a speech and rushed out, never bothering to meet any of the backroom crew. The filmmaker says that he never knew of the dinner's "off-the-record" status and, that when he heard what Romney was saying, he felt it was his "civic duty" to make the film public.

You can see him interviewed on The Ed Show on MSNBC this evening. And you can see how the Obama campaign used Romney's comments to devastating effect below.

[Image by Flickr user BU Interactive News]

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