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FAA Gives Thumbs-Up To Boeing On Dreamliner Battery Modifications

Better insulation and more stringent testing are the answers, says the firm.

FAA Gives Thumbs-Up To Boeing On Dreamliner Battery Modifications

Boeing's proposed changes to its Li-ion batteries in its Dreamliner fleet have met with tentative FAA approval. The airline manufacturer had flown into hot water earlier this year after several incidents, some on the ground and some mid-flight, resulting in the worldwide grounding of all 787 aircraft.

As well as better insulation in the battery packs, says the Frequent Business Traveler website, which will contain potential spark-ups, there will be better testing of the power components. The proposed solutions are a collaboration of company employees and external consultants. One analyst believes that Boeing's issue with its batteries will cost the firm $6 billion.

Last month, the aviation body allowed Boeing to start in-flight testing of the lithium batteries, which have been known to overheat and start a fire—problematic when you have several battery units next to each other, which is how Dreamliners power their auxiliary tech. Last month, Airbus announced that it was to ditch lithium battery technology in its own aircraft.

[Images via Flickr user KentaroIEMOTO@Tokyo]