Apple TV Delayed. If It Even Exists. Got That?

The iTV is not yet a sure thing, but it’s already coming later than it was(n’t) expected.

Apple TV Delayed. If It Even Exists. Got That?

Apple‘s effort to produce some sort of full-fledged next generation television set is only a rumor–albeit a very persistent one that keeps growing as nuggets of news leak out from China and the TV industry. But now Peter Misek, an analyst at Jefferies, has stirred up controversy in a note to investors saying that an expected fall launch window will be missed, and the iTV has now been delayed into 2014. That’s due to display makers LG and Sharp, apparently, and some sort of dustup about Apple’s desire for a super high-definition screen at lower cost.

Piling on the negative Apple news, Misek noted that the as-yet-only-rumored iPhone 5S and low-price iPhone will be delayed until July to September from an earlier rumored June launch window because the makers in China are having trouble with colored cases. Instead Misek thinks Apple will push a new iPad live in June, sporting a thinner, brighter IGZO display…and maybe a new iPad mini with a retina screen will arrive with it. Misek guesses the fingerprint reader-sporting iPhone 6 will arrive in early 2014.

It’s worth noting that these are rumors based upon rumors. It’s also worth noting that Misek represents the type of financial worker who is spreading a lot of share price-sinking gloomy news about Apple despite the fact that the company’s most recent quarterly finances were the best of any company in history–and still demonstrated growth despite Apple’s immense size.

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