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The Code War

Michelle Obama's Credit Report Hacked

The First Lady, Beyonce, Hulk Hogan and other celebrities had some very private information posted on an unnamed website.

Michelle Obama's Credit Report Hacked

Three of the major credit agencies were hacked and information about Michelle Obama, Beyonce and numerous other celebrities has been leaked on an unnamed website, gossip site TMZ first reported on Tuesday.

Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax confirmed to Bloomberg News that they had found cases where information had been accessed unlawfully by hackers.

"We are aware of recent media reports pertaining to unauthorized access to files belonging to high-profile individuals," Tim Klein, a spokesman for Equifax, wrote in an emailed statement to Bloomberg. "Equifax can confirm that fraudulent and unauthorized access to four consumer credit reports has occurred."

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources told numerous celebrities to call their banks and have fraud alerts put on their accounts. Hackers have reportedly used the information they gained, though it's not clear exactly how.

The documents, Bloomberg reported, seem to be from each of the credit agencies. From Equifax: Eric Holder; Charlie Beck, chief of the Los Angeles Police Department; Jay-Z; Arnold Schwarzenegger; and Al Gore's reports seem to have been hacked. And from Experian, Paris Hilton's report seems to have leaked out.