How Loverly Is Making The Zillion-Dollar Wedding Industry Fun Again

How Loverly Is Making The Zillion-Dollar Wedding Industry Fun Again

Kellee Khalil never had a startup idea big enough to pursue. Then, just over two years ago, her sister got engaged.

“Talk about intense,” she says in a video for the Daily Muse. Already working together, the sisters were now planning a wedding, too–which, if you haven’t heard, can easily snowball into a $20,000+ project with with a plethora of stakeholders.

Khalil had met her match: Could wedding complexities be solved? Could you simplify it by giving brides and vendors and retailers and brands a platform to connect on? Khalil thought so. “Why does this not exist?” she remembers thinking. Then: “Let’s build it.”

So a month after sis got married, Khalil took everything she had and jumped into the New York tech scene, launching Loverly.

In identifying an issue and leaping at its solution, she spins a new version of a familiar founder story–as Alexa von Tobel sought to solve the financial riddles of early adulthood with LearnVest and Alex Hawkinson wanted to turn your dumb stuff into SmartThings, Loverly shows that when you find your frustration, there’s no time to lose.

“There’s a limited window, right?” Khalil asks. “For each opportunity there’s a clock ticking. Who’s going to build it the best, the fastest, who’s going to solve the problem?”

With a beautiful redesign (search by color!), 30 million images viewed a month, and partnerships with the likes of Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and Etsy, Lovery is poised to do just that.

Bottom Line: Common problems often mean massive markets–like the $160 billion American wedding industry. When you run into frustration that fits into your life, go after solving it.

Watch the original video here.

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