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Google Confirms Glass Will Support Prescription Lenses Soon, But Not At Launch

While Google's Glass system seems revolutionary, until now the device seems to have included a fatal flaw: It's not compatible with wearing prescription spectacles. Which would have ruled out millions of folk, young and old, from engaging with Google's device...unless they wore corrective contact lenses or went for laser surgery. Now TheNextWeb notes Google has confirmed that Glass will support the prescription lenses-wearing public, and has even released an image of Glass team member Greg Priest-Dorman wearing a non-prototype edition that sports prescription lenses.

Google has said the prescription lenses-friendly Glass will be coming later in 2013, but the modification won't be available on the "Explorer" edition that early developers have signed up to buy for $1,500. This means it likely will be available in time for the consumer-level release of the product.

Still up for grabs, however, is the question of whether you'll be able to use Glass on your left eye. Google has a patent for it, but every image of Glass we've seen so far has shown Glass in place on the right eye. This is going to be a problem for many potential users who suffer from a disability, the one-third of people who have dominant left eyed vision (instead of the more common right eye dominance), or even users who will prefer to tap at Glass's controls with their left hand.

Are you even more excited about Glass now? Or do you think that it will still suffer from the same stigma as using a Bluetooth headset?