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Pinterest Adds Analytics. Revenues To Follow?

New tool helps pinners figure how popular they are—or aren't.

Pinterest Adds Analytics. Revenues To Follow?

Pinterest has launched the Pinterest Web Analytics tool today. This gives Pinterest users a way to track which "pinned" content the social web finds most interesting.

It's a free service for now, and Pinterest explains that it came into existence because "bloggers, businesses, and organizations often ask us, 'what are people pinning from my websites?'"

The analytics tool is an early stage effort to monetize the content-based micro social networking service. Pinterest's blog post even hints at a rapid expansion of this sort of service: "Over the coming months, we hope to add new tools and more detailed insights, so let us know what else you would like to see."

Analytics tools have been used similarly by Twitter and Facebook to propel their social networks into a revenue generating mode, though Facebook suffered a big setback recently when it was revealed that a bug in its code was leading to very misleading reports for its customers.

Does Pinterest have a sustainable future going it alone? Or do you think it'll be snapped up and wrapped into a bigger social network?

[Image: Flickr user mkhmarketing]