Got The New Pope App? Following The Papal Liveblog? Pontifficator? A Brief Guide To #Conclave Fever

The cardinals may be using old-fashioned methods to choose a pontiff, but there’s a slew of shiny new media to prep you for the next Pope.

Got The New Pope App? Following The Papal Liveblog? Pontifficator? A Brief Guide To #Conclave Fever

The special mass that precedes the choosing of a new pontiff has finished and, this afternoon the cardinals will all file into the Sistine Chapel and begin voting on the new incumbent of the Bishopric of Rome. Sadly Fast Company‘s Man In The Vatican does not exist, but, dearly beloved, we have rounded up a selection of ways that you can get your fix of the spiritual through the strictly profane–Reuters’ liveblog of the whole event, for starters.


First of all, let’s set aside the big question until later: which cardinal is dope enough to be next pope? Let us start by examining which name the next Pontiff will take as his official moniker. John is front-runner, according to The Economist, and would be popular with both liberals and conservatives within the Roman Catholic church.

OS X users may already have The Pope App. Described as “Your way to all the information about the Pope,” it’s had five-star reviews, although there was one minor gripe about the webcam feature being disabled. It’s conclave, man, that’s how the Vatican works!

And now, let’s look at the odds of the current runners and riders in the race for the top job. Angelo Scola, an Italian cardinal, is the current favorite, according to the Paddy Power website, although the current cardinal of Rome’s chances may have suffered a setback with the news that the offices of politicians in his diocese were raided this morning by anti-Mafia police. Other names in the episcopal bonnet include Ghana’s Peter Turkson, Brazil’s Odilo Pedro Scherer, the U.S.’s Sean Patrick O’Malley, and Austria’s Christoph Schonborn. You may favor nun of the above, however. The Guardian has a nice little interactive Pontifficator tool for you to spin the Papal wheel of fortune.

Paddy Power also has the odds on the new Pontiff’s name. Not John, it says this morning, differing from The Economist. Try Leo. Then try Peter, Gregory, and Pius.

And of course, the rocky road to post-psephological papal ecstasy wouldn’t be complete without the Twitter wisecracks.

Not more PaPal jokes, please.


This is a joke, right?

Oh, maybe it’s not. This, though, definitely is one.

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